Here are three significant policies to support that would benefit the recovery community during this year’s legislative session. You can also follow our Facebook page for immediate updates.

Support HB 284:
HB 284 establishes a compliance credit for individuals on felony probation which aligns with an existing policy for those on parole. Individuals would be incentivized with time off their probation for successfully earning their GED or other forms of vocational or educational credentials, successful completion of drug treatment (or Dept. of Corrections created initiatives) and working staying employed. Research is abundantly clear that educational attainment, drug treatment and work experience reduce recidivism.

Support HB 327:
HB 327 will automatically expunge the record of those acquitted of criminal charges or whose case has been dismissed with prejudice. This automatic expungement would help those seeking employment – or employment advancement – who have these charges still on their record. Having charges which on individuals who are factually or procedurally innocent can even affect a parent’s ability to participate in functions at their children’s school.

Support HB 389:
HB 389 will prohibit insurers from using certain utilization reviews, creating significant barriers, for those needing treatment with prescription drugs for both opioid use disorder (OUD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD). The prior authorization (PA) for addiction treatment creates an immediate and potentially dangerous barrier for those seeking treatment. When someone suffering from addiction has a ‘moment of clarity’ to commit to getting help they should have access without delay

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